Simple, reliable customer insights

Prodix automatically categorizes and generates actionable insights from customer feedback. This helps teams know what to focus on to improve their customer experience.

Save days manually categorizing feedback

Feedback categorized automatically. Accuracy you can rely on.

User interface displaying feedback text followed by themes that are automatically categorized

Do not settle for high level topics

Insights aggregated at right detail to help you make better decisions.

Chart displaying most frequently occurring negative themes related to product in descending order

Prioritize confidently

Know top priority focus areas to improve NPS, most common feature requests and more.

Chart displaying most frequently occurring negative themes in NPS feedback in descending order

Validate impact of your work

Use feedback trends to see the impact of your work.

Chart displaying reduction of number of feedback records with negative feedback related to Usability by 30% after release of App Redesign.

From insights to specific anecdotes

Use search and filters to see feedback relevant to you and your team. Share specific anecdotes and build a better understanding of customer pain points across all teams.

User interface displaying a list of feedback records that have been filtered by theme login

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